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What if everything you knew about nutrition was wrong?That's the question behind the manbet体育 movie Cereal Killers.You can watch the trailer above.

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    I think the movie is cool......
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    craig castanet
    i went lchf for about three ldl cholesterol shot up over 200 mg/dl and my total cholesterol went up over 300 mg/dl.the problem for some people on a paleo diet,,is that i was eating 2-3 lbs of animal daily.i think a higher carb (only real vegetables and fruits),whole plant diet,with light to moderate lean meats is probably better,all things considered.changing my diet is dropping my ldl cholesterol,which is better.I understand processed carbs are a real problem.i think dr.fung and dr.greger provide valuable insights to this more about me at
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    "i was eating 2-3 lbs of animal daily" is NOT LCHF.HF means HIGH FAT,not high protein.
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    Not to mention all that glucose you got from the meat.Not a surprise you had those numbers.It's about becoming a fat burner,not a carb burner.
    No,the low fat thing you are suggesting us not the best choice.
  5. 5
    I Agree Steve...I've adopted the LCHF lifestyle since September my cholesterol in May was 150 already a good number!But since then my current cholesterol is 119.Yes eating 70-75% of fat cause my cholesterol to drop!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!
  6. 6
    Is this plan ok for diabetics?


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    mary ann hagedorn
    然后用椰子油、有机全谷物燕麦berries,walnuts and yogurt is not a good breakfast?
  9. 9
    If you are eating high protein,your body will turn the excess into glucose and your body will respond like you are eating carbs.You must eat high good fats and moderate proteins,low carb.
  10. 10
    My sister is on meds for diabetes.When she is on the LCHF diet she tests her blood sugar in the 80s.She is so excited that this diet is curing her diabetes!
  11. 11
    Excess protein doesnt turn in sugar.Neoglucogenesis is a ''on demand'' process.Im not saying eat unlimited protein,but in general we don't need to worry about it.We need proteins alot more than we need processed carbs!
  12. 12
    Is there any cereal that you can eat in the mornings I've been chopping and trying different ones at the moment weetabix.I'm gonna start you're diet I have two friends on it and it's worked wonders I'm 6ft 3 but weigh over 18 stone so obese I need to lose at least 4 stone.Thanks bri
  13. 13
    Not to mention the total cholesterol doesn't mean anything anymore you must know your LDL ratio to HDL and the particle sizes and triglycerides.there is no possible way that eating low-carb high-fat is giving you plaque in your arteries your body is 98.7°.The cholesterol information is bogus as well!
  14. 14
    Peter Piper
    When you think about it,all the high fat foods are natural foods that man should have consumed all along: Coconut and coconut oil,heavy whipping cream,sour cream,butter,olive oil,avocado and avocado oil,cheese,fatty meat (ribeye being one example),pecans,nut butters,eggs,yogurt (full fat Greek),salmon and sardines (omega-3 fatty acids),lard,peanut oil,sesame oil,mayonnaise,bleu cheese dressing,bacon,herb butters,ranch dip,帕尔玛黄油,sausage,black olives,pepperoni,etc.,

    How did we EVER let "science" take these away from us?Are we stupid or what???!

  15. 15
    This is all very interesting I'm an epileptic I also have vascular disease lost a leg yet I'm still pushing myself for a better more satisfying life...yes I am overweight I'd say around a stone &a half...I've being using the paleo method & finding I'm enjoying myself trying all the better recipes...I've always cooked from scratch &I love trying new recipes tastier recipes so now I fancy trying out the keto too after all it's very similar to what I'm doing now anyway & even more recipes to try.My biggest problems are my sweet tooth I'm not doing too bad but I'm still not off the sweet stuff completely but I am getting there,there's hope for me yet.My weight started going down two pound a week which was brilliant but for whatever reason I started going the other way again haven't fathomed yet why.Exercise is my problem my pain threshold in my limbs aren't brilliant I can't walk too far never mind jump up & down but I'm always looking for ways of improvement,I've recently bought some dvds that encourages you to stretch & dance again a lot of what's shown I won't be able to do but I'm game to try.My theory is never give up just keep trying one step at a time.
  16. 16
    For the first time in my life I am not hungry no cravings.Love my low carb high fat life style.I am feeling wonderful,no reflux or pain in my abdominal.Thanks to all and Prof Noaks
  17. 17
    High Fat diets are no good for anyone's heart,sorry.Restrict carbs to less than 75g /day,exercise,sleep well,and the weight will drop.On same dietfor 7 weeks,weight loss so far 15 lbs.Easy to stick to,allows for flexibility.

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