多囊卵巢综合症与胰岛素抵抗有什么关系?What are the three criteria for PCOS,为什么有些女性睾丸激素分泌过多?And why do patients put on a low-carb diet for other reasons than infertility,怀孕率高吗?

In this presentation from theLow Carb Denver 2019 conference,DRSNadia Pateguana and Jason Fung talks about PCOS and insulin resistance.

这是我们在低碳丹佛会议上发表的10篇演讲。We've previously posted the presentations byGary Taubes,Dr.安德烈亚斯·伊恩费尔特,Dr.莎拉哈尔伯格,Dr.大卫·路德维格,Dr.Ben Bikman,Dr.保罗·马森,Dr.普里扬卡瓦利,Dr.Caryn Zinnandm.1manbetx .


Dr.Jason Fung: Everything here is really a disease of too much insulin.这就是那种逻辑刚刚崩溃的部分。Because in medical school you learn about all this stuff and it's like okay well if too much insulin causes everything that you see in PCOS,then what's the treatment?

How about Clomid?就像…你没注意到这里吗?Too much insulin was the problem.你为什么给克罗米,它刺激卵巢排卵?It's like… how about an ovarian wedge resection?It's like… What?What are you talking about?

So ovarian wedge resection was this sort of old-time treatment for PCOS where they'd actually slice a little wedge,you know,like a little piece of watermelon out of your ovary and that was the treatment for PCOS.

为什么这样做?Because if you slice a little wedge of your ovary,your ovary cannot produce as much of the testosterone.So a lot of the symptoms would get better but,again,you're not making the actual disease better.

因为你从未真正治疗过高胰岛素血症。或者你可以去其他的治疗方法,比如说,二甲双胍没有什么意义,但是避孕药呢?就像,is that going to reduce your insulin?If it doesn't,then what are you doing for this disease?
Like you got to go back to the root cause of the disease and fix it if you want to fix this disease.而且这种疾病很常见,会导致很多心脏疼痛——当我们已经知道这种疾病的根本原因时,我们会用这种疯狂的方式来治疗它。好像胰岛素太多了,我们来生产胰岛素。


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